Who Are We?

Third Age Learning - York Region (TALYR) is a not-for-profit organization created to provide intellectually challenging presentations for senior adults in York Region. 

We recognized a previously unmet need in York Region for an increasing number of retired people who are interested in continuous learning.

We are committed to ensuring high quality presentations at a university level. Careful selection of topics and speakers, assisted by audience feedback, ensures presentation quality and relevance to the audience.

Third Age Learning - York Region (TALYR) is a federally incorporated organization that is governed by its By-Laws. These By-Laws were effective on March 31, 2015 and subsequently revised on September 21, 2015. Click on Bylaws link at the bottom of the page.

TALYR is a proud member of the Third Age Network ("TAN") in Ontario which is a cooperative network of organizations providing similar services across the province.  Through the network, we can obtain advice about speakers, operations, rental fees, etc. We can broaden the general knowledge of TAN and support its efforts to encourage the development of educational opportunities for our constituency.

TAN website https://thirdagenetwork.ca/

What is Third Age Learning?

Third Age, a term that was created in France in 1973, refers to the period in one’s life following childhood learning and middle age working when one is free to explore interests and activities that please them.  Third Age Learning organizations provide intellectual stimulation for that constituency of learners.

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Why Should I JOIN TALYR?

DISCOVER new subjects beyond your formal education, past experience, or working career. 

LISTEN to recognized leaders in their field of study and ASK questions of them in the interactive portion of our lectures. 

These lectures will CHALLENGE your mind with topics that may be unfamiliar to you or not fully explored.  This is a proven way to keep your mind active.   

And by the way, you will have the opportunity to MINGLE with your neighbours and make new friends with like-minded members.

Also, a member can get a FREE Event Series if they suggest an appropriate speaker who is willing to present at one of the scheduled events. 

Your Annual Membership starts on the date you become a member through to that anniversary date the following year.  Renewal emails are sent out two weeks prior to your renewal date.

Upcoming events

2022 Topic Ratings by our Membership 



Global Issues


Health, Medicine and Well-Being


Social Issues


Foreign Countries, Geography, Travel and Toursim


History and Historical Figures


Environmental Sciences, including Climate Change


Science and Technology


Indigenous Peoples: Issues and History


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